Wayne in chinese writing and meanings

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The Chinese Writing System (1)

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Chinese Characters

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Chinese characters are primarily morphosyllabic, meaning that most Chinese morphemes are monosyllabic and are written with a single character, though in modern Chinese most words are disyllabic and dimorphemic, consisting of two syllables, each of which is a morpheme.

In modern Chinese 10% of morphemes only occur as part of a given. In general, the Neolithic symbols which have been unearthed to date are found in isolated use (as would be expected with ownership marks or clan symbols) rather than in sequences consistent with representation of the spoken language, and there is no evidence of processes fundamental to the beginnings of a true, useful writing system such as phonetic loan usage.

Beware the different writing system. The Arabic writing system differs considerably from the way we write in English. This can cause serious confusion and often leads to unfortunate mistakes that could have been easily avoided.

Here's an example, on the left (in black) is the traditional Chinese character for "Chinese", next to it (in red) is the simplified character: Tattoo Symbols. Here are the most popular Chinese symbols used for a tattoo and their meaning.

The pronunciation of the words is between brackets. A great many Chinese characters have 2 components, one to indicate the pronunciation, and one to indicate the meaning. Even the most complex Chinese character, with its 56 strokes, can be broken.

Welcome to Part 2 of my post on “How many words do I need to know? The 95/5 rule in language learning”. If you haven’t done so already, read through Part 1 before continuing!. How many words in the English Language.

Wayne in chinese writing and meanings
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How many words in the english language ? How many do i need to know?