Read write access samba drive

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Running Samba 23c Under Windows

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Windows Networking on the Raspberry Pi

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According to the Samba project web site, Samba is an open source/free software suite that provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients. Unlike other implementations of the SMB/CIFS networking protocol (such as LM Server for HP-UX, LAN Server for OS/2, or VisionFS), Samba (along with its source code) is freely available (at no cost to the end user), and allows for.

Samba (software)

I have access to a cifs network drive. When I mount it under my OSX machine, I can read and write from and to it. When I mount the drive in ubuntu, using: sudo mount -t cifs -o username=${USER}. I recently built a small server machine, using Ubuntu Server and Samba, to act as a file server (among other things) so that my entire family can access certain files over the network from Windows machines.

One of the frequent uses of the Raspberry Pi is the creation of a local multimedia storage system, often called NAS (Network Attached Storage). I found that this will work and without needing to edit the Registry or disable the SMB 2/3 services I was able to connect to my raspi 3 that uses SambaDebian by manually typing in the address as well as typing in the netbios name setup in the raspi's file in the file explorer's address bar on Windows I am attempting to setup a read/write share a directory owned by root with my Windows host using Samba, but I'm having no luck after running around in circles.

To simplify matters, I've disabled my Firewall (/etc/init.d/iptables stop).

Read write access samba drive
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How to Install and Configure Samba Server on Ubuntu for File Sharing