Re-authoring lives interviews and essays

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Re Authoring Lives : Interviews & Essays

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Introduction Michael Major indicates that though there are structured defined stages in other therapy, these stages should be unfamiliar creatively by therapists as a non-rigid programme White, b.

Uncovered on this website in High. The externalizing of the problem and the re-authoring of lives and relationships.

Narrative Therapy

Dulwich Centre Newsletter, Summer (special edition). Republished in M. White, Selected Papers (pp. 5–28). In addition to the useful introductory chapter mentioned earlier, in which she very clearly compares various methodological approaches and traditions, she also introduces readers and students in her fictional seminar to interview research techniques such as dyadic interviews, interactive interviews and co-constructed narratives.

Author Information. Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Institute of Family Psychiatry, 23 Henley Road, Ipswich IP1 3TF, UK. Re Authoring Lives by Michael White,available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Further information for Advanced Narrative Skills Development (SCWK) Further information for Advanced Narrative Skills Development (SCWK) Handbook home.

Search the Handbook; Re-authoring lives: Interviews and essays. Adelaide: Dulwich Centre Publications. White, M. (). Couple Counselling outlines the essential principles and practices of couple counselling.

Demystifying this form of therapy, the author provides a step-by-st.

Re-Authoring Lives: Interviews and Essays

White, Michael () Re-authoring Lives: Interviews and Essays. (Adelaide: Dulwich Centre Publications).

Re-authoring lives interviews and essays
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