Income tax generation prospects and problems

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revenue generation in local government areas (problems and prospects)

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Prospects of Tax Collection As was discuss previously, taxes the most useful ingredient source of income to the modern economies and different government across the countries.


The findings reveal that there is a significant relationship between companies’ income tax in Nigeria and economic development of the Nation and that tax evasion, tax avoidance and corruption are major hindrances to revenue generation.

The problems and prospects of taxation as a source of Revenue Generation in Nigeria”, a case of Ebonyi state Board of internal Revenue.

CHAPTER ONE. PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS OF PERSONAL INCOME TAX IN NIGERIA ABSTRACT This Paper examines the problems associated with the Assessment and Administration of Personal Income Tax on Motorcycle riders in (UMUGUMA) Owerri West LGA Metropolis. income tax generation: prospects and problems essay problems and prospects of personal income tax administration on achaba riders in kano metropolis by: adamu garba zango department of accounting faculty of social and management sciences umaru musa yar’adua university katsina state.

The hypothesis above about personal income tax generation and administration in Enugu North Local Government area are based on generalization of the assumed relationship between personal income tax revenue like administrative costs, population, income of tax payers, free pay allowance etc.

Income tax generation prospects and problems
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