Histories effects and consequences of the civil rights movement and the feminist movement

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The Effects of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s

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We have more enjoyable things to remind about than women's problems. The pushing involved an eight-year-old girl named Sharon Brown who had to at Topeka, Kansasto go to state, while her illness friends attended a world school nearby. The sweeping legislation ushered in a new era for the civil rights movement.

For the first time in America's history, hotels and restaurants could not discriminate against blacks, employers had to end job discrimination based on race, and the federal government could sue. For civil rights history from the Civil War through the end of World War II, see History of Civil Rights in America - Part 2 of 3.

For a sample listing of blacks who have contributed to the fiber of American culture, see Important and Famous African Americans. The civil rights movement encouraged other groups to also push to claim their rights, as the blacks pushed for self-determination.

Two groups that were inspired were the women and the Latinos. The rebirth of the feminist movement was all about addressing pay discrimination and woman liberation.

Feminist Activism

Feminist theology, sometimes referred to as the Goddess movement, is a movement found in several religions to reconsider the traditions, practices, scriptures, and theologies of those religions from a feminist perspective.

The American civil rights movement had a profound effect on radical politics throughout Britain, Europe and the USA. From to it aimed to outlaw racial discrimination against black Americans in.

Conversely, many women during the second wave were initially part of the Black Civil Rights Movement, Anti Vietnam Movement, Chicano Rights Movement, Asian-American Civil Rights Movement, Gay and Lesbian Movement and many other groups fighting for equality.

Histories effects and consequences of the civil rights movement and the feminist movement
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Civil Rights Movement