Excerpt from common culture reading and writing about american popular culture

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Common Culture: Reading and Writing about American Popular Culture, 3rd Edition

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Famous Hispanic Americans: A Proud Heritage

Orients students to the particular demands of university-level academic writing, specifically as those demands relate to the analysis of popular culture. Ex.___ Casebooks on certain pop-cultural phenomena —e.g., the Barbie Doll, rap and hip-hop music, horror movies, and virtual communities.

Covers a broad scope of topics in the field of popular culture, with chapters on advertising, television, popular music, cyberculture, sports, movies, and leisure. Discusses the phenomenon of popular culture and the overall importance of its study.

Common sense, derived from common culture and experience, made him, as much as anyone else, an interpreter of popular science. Recording his membership in the greatest scientific organization of his day was an act of informed patriotism.

For Freshman Composition courses and Popular Culture courses. From Barbie to the Internet, the Simpsons to the malls, this engaging text on pop culture helps students develop critical and analytical skills and write clear prose while reading, thinking, and writing about subjects they find interesting.

It contains essays addressing pop culture topics along with suggestions for further reading.

Common Culture: Reading and Writing About American Popular Culture, 5th Edition

Topics covered in the essays include advertising, television, popular music, cyberculture, sports, and movies. Get this from a library! Common culture: reading and writing about American popular culture. [Michael Petracca; Madeleine Sorapure;] -- From Barbie to the internet, this inherently interesting book spans a full range of pop culture topics from a variety of theoretical perspectives, and .

Excerpt from common culture reading and writing about american popular culture
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Common Culture: Reading and Writing about American Popular Culture