Econet wireless international and the african telecommunications industry essay

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Today’s telecommunications professionals still work in television and radio, but more and more are wading-in to cutting-edge industries: wireless, broadband, and digital data. As a result of industry expansion and paradigm shifts, increasing numbers of scholarships are awarded to telecommunications.

Econet Wireless International and the African Telecommunications Industry Activities to be completed in this presentation: Carry out a SWOT analysis for Econet Wireless International, identifying the key issues that Econet needs to address from the results of your analysis.

About Strive Masiyiwa. MR STRIVE MASIYIWA (b ) has been in business since He first came to international prominence when he fought a landmark constitutional legal battle for 5 years in the African country of Zimbabwe.

1. Caroline Marufu – Caroline Marufu is a beauty queen who represented Zimbabwe in Miss World in China.

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She has achieved her diploma in education and worked as an assistant, marketing executive. Marufu won the title at the Miss Tourism Africa and is a teacher by profession. Liquid Telecom, majority owned by Econet Wireless Global, entered into an agreement to acquire Neotel in June.

Econet wireless international and the african telecommunications industry essay
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