Cognitive skills in sports performance

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Key Cognitive Skills for Sports Performance

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The Relationship between Expertise in Sports, Visuospatial, and Basic Cognitive Skills

From professional team sports players to extreme athletes, competitors require optimal training in cognitive performance to maintain the highest level of competitive play and athleticism. Performance in any sports is primarily a result of physical, physiological and psychological training.

However, locus of sports training continues to gravitate around physical, biomechanical and physiological factors. In addition to aptitude and capability, mental strength or commonly known as.


Therefore, in dynamic sports where these skills are important, perceptual-cognitive training should have the potential to improve performance. The aim of this study was therefore to investigate whether training programs aimed at improving athletes’ perceptual-cognitive skills meet such claims.

Init became clear to me just how physical motor-skills and cognitive abilities are intertwined. That year I published a study that related to the training performance of top pro teams in European Rugby, the NHL and the teams in the study used NeuroTracker for.

They get better at basic cognitive skills that generalize to a wide variety of real-world tasks. This has been in some ways the most surprising yet consistent finding of this research.

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Cognitive skills in sports performance
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How the Brain and Body are Connected in Sports Performance