And psychosynthesis

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The Psychosynthesis Identification/Disidentification Exercise

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In this evolutionary development there can be a civil or a pathological factor of what has to be acquired and integrated. Welcome to Psychosynthesis Palo Alto: John Firman and Ann Gila founded Psychosynthesis Palo Alto inoffering psychosynthesis therapy, publications, psychosynthesis training for professionals, and public workshops.

Psychosynthesis coaching is done in-person, by phone, by Skype and by email exchange. It assumes that the client desires to align with their deepest Call of Self. The work of coaching may involve everything from immediate, time-delineated goals, to larger existential issues of life meaning.

Psychosynthesis practitioner and author Molly Young Brown trained with Assagioli and is a leading proponent of psychosynthesis work. Molly was the first American to write a book about psychosynthesis, titled Unfolding Self: The Practice of Psychosynthesis, which is used in many training programs.

A key diagram in Psychosynthesis is the Egg diagram that provides a simple but effective map of consciousness and framework for understanding the psyche.

Assagioli describes the outer ‘shell’ of the Egg diagram using the words “delimiting not dividing”, which to. Psychosynthesis has its roots in psychoanalysis. Before founding psychosynthesis, Dr Roberto Assagioli () was a member of the Freud Society in Zurich in and together with various other pioneers of the psychoanalytic movement was among the first to bring psychoanalysis to Italy.

Chapter Growth Resources in Psychosynthesis Psychosynthesis was developed by psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli, who was born in Venice, Italy, in He had his medical and psychiatric training at the University of Florence, where he also studied philosophy and psychology.

And psychosynthesis
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