An analysis of the effect of german and british rivalry to world war i

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World War I.

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An analysis of the effect of german and british rivalry to world war i

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England–Germany football rivalry

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The German, Austrian, Russian and Turkish empires would have survived at any rate in the short term, while in the longer term the British and French empires would have escaped the wounds inflicted by that terrible conflict.

World War I: Causes and Effects I. Causes of World War I. II. Modern War, Technology and the Human Cost. III.

World War 1

Meanings of World War I. Causes of World War I 1. Growth of German power in Central Europe challenged Great Powers (France, Great Britain, Russia).

2. International competition among European British War Plans. The British-German naval rivalry was a significant factor in Britain’s entry into World War One due to the potential ramifications of a German victory in the continent, rather than as a response to its potential supremacy over the European continent (Kelly, ).

Great War, also referred as World War 1, lasted for 4 years from to (Fay, ). It brought forth great growth of war techniques as well as armaments. Diverse nations had taken part in the World War 1 compared to any earlier war.

INCLUDED A clause that placed blame for the war on Germany and its allies, German colonies taken away, and German territory given to Poland. DID NOT INCLUDED Germany allowed to keep Alsace-Lorraine but forced to give up the city of Danzig.

One of the main causes of World War I was the Anglo-German naval race. Britain, as an island empire, always had the navy as one of her top priorities.

World War 1

Britain, as an island empire, always had the navy as one of her top priorities.

An analysis of the effect of german and british rivalry to world war i
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